Monday, February 8, 2010

Two Birthdays and a Superbowl Party

This weekend was busy fun!! It was great to have some activities to look forward to in the midst of writing comps!! Saturday we had two birthday parties to go to. One was Mrs. Y's. She turned 90!! Mrs. Y is the grandma to some really good family friends of ours. When I was little she used to teach me piano lessons! :)

Mrs. Y and Deanna
It was a great party! The kids had fun playing and being silly together.

Josh, Zach, Alex & Miranda
There was cake and ice cream. Sandy had a SUPER cool idea that I am totally going to steal in the future. She pre-scooped all the ice cream into cup cake holders. FANTASTIC idea!!

There was even a super cool jumper in the basement for the kids to blow off some of that energy they got from the sugar high.

And we had fun hanging out with our good friends!

Eric and Katrina
When that party ended it was time to go to the next one. My step-dad Ralph turned 65!!

My aunt and uncle hosted the birthday dinner- which I am eternally grateful for! Thanks again Harry and MC!! Dinner was great.

And so was even more cake and ice wonder my pants are feeling a little tight!! :)

Zach, Alex, Ralph and Josh
Wade and Allison are expecting. Of course, we are all really excited about their news!! She is now almost 5 months along and things are going as they should be.

Allison and Wade
Sunday I worked on comps again. Seeing a theme to my life right now? Nothing but comps baby!! feels that way anyway. At least it will all be over soon....good or bad comps won't last forever.

Sunday I worked on comps all day. I would say I am about 1/2 done now. WHEW! Sunday night we went to a superbowl party at our friends Ronnie and Amy's. It was a great time! We ate lots of food that isn't good for you and chatted the night away with friends. What could be better?

Here is a picture of all our kids (minus Sam). We sure have multiplied in our group!! Aren't they all great!

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  1. Genius idea with the pre-scooped ice cream! Cute picture of you and Eric.