Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wintertime at the Zoo

I have lived in Nebraska my whole life and have been to the zoo millions of times. But not once have I visited the zoo during the winter time. We needed to get out of the house (due to a house showing) so we decided to go to the zoo. Can I just say that going to the zoo in the wintertime is AWESOME!!! There is barely anyone there and the animals were really active!! It was fun!!

We started with the desert. Zach was impressed by this bird.

He spent quite a while looking at it. I think he was impressed that it was free wandering around. We haven't really had the chance to see animals out like that. When we have gone its been nice out....lots of people....makes animals nervous.

Zach Josh Alex
Of course I had to make the boys pose every once in a while.

Other times, it was "MOM! Take a picture of me by this rock!" (Josh)

or "Take a picture of me with the cactus!" (Zach)

And Alex never says things like that. Its usually me saying "ALEX! SMILE!!"

My boys! :)

It was exciting because we got to see them feed these animals. Every time I have been to the zoo these pig looking things just lay around. They are quite active when a zookeeper throws lettuce or apples at them. :)

Next we headed to the favorite!

The boys got a chance to stay in the "bubble" thing for a LONG there weren't very many people.

Alex liked the jelly fish.

Josh and Zach LOVED the stingrays. They were all about them this time. We had to drag them away from looking at them.

In fact, Josh loved them so much he bought a stuffed stingray. This is a big deal- as Josh NEVER spends his money!!!

Next we walked to see the butterflies and bugs and then went onto the Rain forest.

The boys were able to go over the rope bridge numerous times. I think that was a MAJOR high of the day!! In the past we wait in a line to go across and then its only once.

Today....numerous times.

One of my favorite parts was when Josh saw this frog and put his hand up to the glass. The frog immediately jumped up like he was trying to put his hand on Josh's hand. Way cool. Both Josh and I thought that was awesome!!

And life lesson learned in 5....4.....3....2...

Really the bird just stared Josh down. Josh loved how close he got. I was SURE he was going to get his eye poked out as birds are nasty like that. Its happened to me several times. You innocently stare at them and they bite you! :) Thankfully this didn't happen to Josh. Cause that is something you just don't get over! :)

We were all pretty worn out after that so we decided to go. When Alex saw the gift shop, he broke into a run.

Like mother- like son. :) Anyway-I highly recommend going to the zoo in the winter time. Its AWESOME!
After the zoo we went out to eat. It was great to sit and relax and to fill our bellies.

This picture cracks me up. Like father- Like son. :)
After dinner we did some grocery shopping. Not that anyone cares about that. But I am mentioning it because I got this awesome picture:

It was a great way to spend a Saturday....even if my comps aren't done yet! :)


  1. That's great! There is no more satisfaction than getting a whole place to yourself! When I was living in Spain, I would go out with my friends to the discos around 8:00 or 9:00 when the Spaniards were starting dinner. We'd have the whole disco to ourselves. Most people would think it was weird. I LOVED it. Anyway - winter zoo fling sounds fun!

  2. Oh my word, you'd never been to the zoo in winter before!? That is my favorite time to go. Actually, ANY time of year that's not June-August is pretty awesome. My mom and her friend Donelle used to go to the zoo several times a week just to walk for exercise! I'm glad you finally experienced it...maybe now you'll think to go more often during the school year. :-)