Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Activities

I am not one that totally gets into Valentine's Day. It's a nice day and all, but I would much rather have my true love show me throughout the year how he loves me rather than just one grand gesture on Valentine's Day. (and vice versa) Also, as a former first grade teacher, Valentine's Day brings memories of chaos and sugar highed screaming kids. :) But I am not ANTI Valentine's day either.

This year I had the boys help make their class cards. The past couple of years I have just gotten the treat and cards ready. This year they were happy to help and honestly I was happy to have the help! :) We had gone to the store and they chose what cards and treat they wanted to give to their friends. Then we set up our stations and got the cards ready.

They worked very hard and did a great job! It was fun. I loved hearing the reasons why so and so got which card.

Friday was their Valentine's Day party. I spent the afternoon with Zach. Instead of trying to get to all three classes, I chose one event to spend with each kid throughout the year. I spent Halloween with Josh. I made gingerbread houses with Alex. And now I was able to spend Valentine's day with Zach. I like spending the whole party with each kid instead of running around from class to class. Plus I also get to help the teacher out too.

Zach's party was fun! They passed out Valentine's. Which was fun for all the kids. Except one little boy who if didn't like what he got, tossed it aside and said gross.

They played games like fishing....



and a racing game. They had little tongs to pick up a candy heart and race across the room to drop the heart into a bowl. They all had a great time with that!! I am going to file that idea away to use when I go back to teaching as well!

Then it was time for cookies! YUM!

It was a really great party. Very organized and lots of fun!!

Valentine's Day Ronna and Larry invited us over for brunch.

It was delicious!! Cinnamon rolls, sausage casserole, and fruit!! It was a great start to the day. The men dished up the food, while the kids drooled over it.

After eating, we opened presents.

And needless to say the boys were SO EXCITED to get the game Sorry. I played a game (and possibly ate a few pieces of chocolate) with the boys.

Then sadly I left early. Matt and the boys stayed a little longer (but not much cause the weather wasn't so good. Blowing snow makes white out conditions.) I left early to go work on my comps. STINKS! Oh well....I am almost done! That night we made french toast and then made up our own version of pictionaray. That was a riot!! Trying to guess what a five year old is drawing is awesome!

Overall, it was a nice holiday. It was spent with people I love, and really that is my only goal for the holiday. Not diamonds, flowers, chocolates and such...although I really wouldn't complain if I got those too! :)

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