Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Roller Skating

***WARNING- most of these pictures are blurry as I was on Roller skates while taking them***

Sunday we took the boys roller skating. OMG it was so much fun!!! I forgot how much I loved roller skating. I haven't gone roller skating since I was a kid. So I was a little nervous at first that I would be on the ground most of the time. But as it turns out- it was a skill I didn't forget and I am proud to say I didn't fall once!! YEA ME!

So we put on our skates and carefully made it to the rink. It was the first time the boys had ever put on skates and they were quite wobbly at first. Which is expected.

There were quite a few falls- but nothing serious.

When we did make it onto the floor, it was a little tricky. Roller skating with triplets is hard, but not impossible. Matt and I would just hover around them and try and catch who was falling. It started out with death grips.....

But as they were getting their balance they slowly let go of us and turned to the wall for support

On one side of the rink there was a half wall to hold onto. The two long sides of the rink had nothing to hold onto. And then the last side had a flat wall. That was a little challenge as well, but nothing that stopped us. I was hoping for a half wall most of the way around the rink. The two sides of the rink with nothing to hold onto had a step that you could go up onto carpet. The boys liked skating on the carpet better, so on those two sides they would skate down that.

Then on the back wall we would help them again.

After 20 minutes, we made it around ONCE!! :) The boys were troopers. Alex fell a gazillion times!! He just kept getting up and trying again. I admire him for that. After falling as much as he did, I think I would have given up. But he didn't. After about 45min-1 hour he did try a new strategy. He squatted down and just used his hands to push him along. :) It was funny.

Once Alex and Zach got more comfortable with skating, they didn't want Matt and I around anymore. Zach did awesome!!

Josh had the best balance of the group, but he didn't want to let go of Matt or my hand. Josh loves this picture cause its all blurry. When he saw it he said something to the effect of he was skating so fast that he was a blur! :) Yep....nothing to do with my camera skills at all!!!

Josh loved the fact that the skates had orange on it!! He wanted me to take several pictures of the skates...

and Josh wearing the skates....

I just posted my two favorite pictures of the coolness of orange skates. :)

It was a really great afternoon!! We had a blast! A few bruises and Matt and I had sore arms from catching kids or pulling them along...but it was totally worth it!!

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  1. Ok, next time we come to Omaha we must go rollerskating! I'm not even kidding, that would be a blast!