Thursday, December 16, 2010

Third Time's the Charm, Right?

Josh had his eye surgery for the third time today. Things went really smoothly. No complications. And so far it has worked!! His eyes are straight as arrows!! Now the trick is to get them to stay that way!! Fingers crossed!!

Josh's doctor is really awesome and lets Josh pick out a stuffed animal each time he has surgery. And boy does Josh latch onto that thing for a day or two. He isn't one of those kids who has a security item so to see him attach himself to something is interesting to me. Today he chose a red cardinal. His name was Mack. Then it was Birdie. Then Reddie. Then Blackie. Then Red and Black. And then's just a bird. Good luck someday to when you need to name your kids Josh!! :) He also got another teddy bear from the hospital- oh and the cool shades he is wearing. Last time he had surgery he got to ride out in this wagon. Today he chose the wheel chair. The nurse even let him try to roll himself a little bit. Quite the highlight.

Today we have taken it easy. Josh (and Matt and I) have slept on and off all day. Getting up at the crack of dawn takes a lot out of you!! I think I have been up since 3am. Yawn!! I am just happy that all went well and like I said- I am keeping my fingers crossed that his eyes stay put!


  1. Me too! Thinking about you guys (and Josh) & looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.