Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Program

Friday was the boys holiday program at their elementary school and I was happy to attend this awesome event!! Unfortunately, Zach was sick with a bad cough. Matt stayed home with him and I got to see Alex and Josh preform what they have been working so hard on. Grandma and Granddad were able to make it too!

Josh spotted me in the audience right away. He is in the red sweater.

Alex did not find us. That's ok though he knew we were coming. Top row- striped shirt.

They sang two songs and recited a poem. I am NOT good at filming these things. In fact, it took me a little bit to figure out how to record them at all. In my defense, I did get a new camera and just assumed I could figure it out. Which I did- just not fast enough. Anyway- enough excuses- their cuteness speaks for itself. Watch and enjoy! Oh and Alex is on the left and Josh is on the right.

Their snowman poem:

Jingle Bell Rock:

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