Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa and Darth Vader

Yesterday Matt and Larry (Matt's dad) took the boys to see a Santa and Star Wars extravaganza! The boys were in heaven let me tell you. Unfortunately, I was not able to go as I am sick. Again. Sinus infection relapse. Stinks. Since we had another house showing, Ronna and Larry let me sleep at their house because they are super cool like that. Anyway the men took the boys to SAC museum to see Santa and stormtroopers.

The boys seemed very excited about it. They told me all about the R2D2s. I know there are other names for the different colored ones- they would know them. But I do not and I don't remember what they said they were called. I am not that hard core of a fan.

Matt said it was really crowded.

And it looks like it was. Obviously since I was not there, all pictures were taken by either Matt or Larry.

The boys told me that the Star Wars characters came down the escalator for their grand entrance.

Then they all lined up so you could wave and look at them. Next you got to get into a line to either see Santa or the Star Wars Characters. I thought for sure the boys would choose the Star Wars line, but they chose the Santa line! Santa got into one of the planes and the kids got to crawl up into the plane to talk to Santa.

Josh telling Santa what he wants.

Alex telling Santa his wishes.

Finally Zach. Evidently all three boys want the same thing. They all asked Santa for Bigfoot.

They wondered around the museum a little. SAC had a Star Wars display going on right now. On they way out the door they got lucky enough to get their picture take with a Storm Trooper!!!

It sounded like they had a REALLY awesome time. I think the only thing that would have made it absolutely perfect was if Batman would have been there too! :) And me too of course!


  1. This post makes me so happy, I think Joe wants to go and get his picture taken with Darth Vader.

  2. Star Wars and Santa!!! That is awesome.

    Have the boys seen Improv Everywhere's Star Wars Subway Car? You should show it to them, I bet they'd love it!

  3. Love those pictures. That is a little boys greatest dream all put together in one. It has to make your heart feel good that when given the choice, they still choose Santa.