Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween 's a Comin!

Halloween is coming!! And we are getting really excited about it! The boys have their costumes picked out. I have candy bought...which may or may not make it to Halloween. Stupid chocolate addiction. Pumpkins are on the porch. And the decorations are up. Anyway....the other day my mom invited us to go to the Children's Museum because they had their Halloween haunted house set up.
The museum does this attraction every year. We have been before and the boys seem to love it. So we went again! We started upstairs....
I had kind of forgot that they had this exhibit now.
These used to be in Richmond Gordman- an old clothing store my mom used to shop in. She would shop while us kids would play on these awesome animals. Great memories...but I seriously can't imagine doing that today with my kids.
They also had a dinosaur exhibit. But my boys have never really been into dinosaurs so we didn't spend too much time there either.
We spent most of the time in the ball area and, of course, at the Halloween area.
Which was an awesome time! Haunted house, strobe lights, and a maze! What more could kids ask for?
Towards the end of our visit, my mom painted the boys faces....Halloween style!
I think she did an awesome job! Never knew she had that talent!
It was a great day!!

Yesterday we got "BOOed!" by a neighbor. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this neighborhood? :) We are so lucky to live where we do! We got a bag of candy on our doorstep with this sign:
The instructions are to pass it on to 2 more people! You are supposed to leave candy on someones doorstep, ring the bell and run. Its supposed to be anonymous. Good luck with that! Three 7 yr old boys each had their own way of going things. It made me laugh! I have to admit it's quite fun.

Today the boys are super excited because they are going to their very first non-school sponsored Halloween party!! Let the holiday fun begin!!

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  1. I loved those animals at Richman Gordman! I'm so happy they have a new home at the OCM. They look all spiffy and new, too. I don't think my mom ever left us there to play, I think she stayed with us. ;-) But IKEAs have a supervised kids' area called Småland where kids can play for a half-hour while adults shop. Annalie loves going there.

    Can't wait to see you guys in a few days!