Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Math and Science Day

This morning I had the pleasure of helping out at the boys school for Math and Science Pumpkin Day! They had been talking excitedly about this all week!!
And I have to say- It was a BLAST! However it made me miss teaching all the more! *sigh* Anyway...All 4 first grade classrooms got together to do fun math and science activities using pumpkins! There were 8 stations that the kids rotated through.
Which thrilled me because I got to work with all my boys and didn't have to choose whose classroom I was going to help in. I hate when that happens! I'm too much of a fairness monitor, I guess.
We had lots of fun!! They did lots of fun things like a sink/float activity, estimation pumpkin seeds, weighing pumpkins, sorting candy, etc. It was very well organized and their teachers did a fantastic job putting it all together! You could tell they worked very hard. We are lucky to be at such a great school!!

And in case you are wondering why everyone (except a few- like Mr. Orange Josh) is wearing red- it was red ribbon week at school. Each day they had to dress a certain way. One day was pajama day, one day was favortie sports team shirt/jersey, etc. Today was wear red day.

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