Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Music Program

Tuesday evening was the boys music program at their school. It was really cute. Then again a room full of kindergartners singing their hearts out, how could that NOT be cute!

The program lasted about a half hour with the kids singing about 20 songs. They were all nursery rhymes. You could tell that they all worked very hard!

My kids were completely different when they were performing. Alex seemed bored by it all. He yawned a lot throughout the program.

Zach took it all very seriously. He seemed to be concentrating on making sure hand motions were to perfection.

Josh seemed to enjoy it. Not that he was totally into it, but he seemed to like it a little bit.

After the program we got a picture with their awesome teachers.
Then continued to celebrate their awesome performance by going out for ice cream!
It was the perfect way to end the night!

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  1. They look so mature in those khakis and polo shirts!