Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best Day EVER!!

Last Saturday was one of the best days I have had in a long time!! I was fortunate enough to fly out to Denver for the weekend to spend it with my dear friend Meg. And it was fantastic!! Saturday started out with me sleeping in. And for a mom- that is just HEAVEN!! We lazed around a while then went out for sushi, shopped a little, got manis and pedis. We were shellac-in and relaxin! (on a side note- ladies if you have not had the shellac nail polish experience- I would highly recommend it. First manicure that I have had with out any dings or chips that has lasted longer than 3 days!! And supposedly this lasts about three weeks! WOOT! Color on the fingernails again for me!!) Anywho- after manis and pedis we went to a super cute neighborhood coffee shop and I had my favorite barackti chai while gossiping away. After chai, we went out to dinner. Sounds like a perfect day right? But wait there's MORE!! After dinner we went to U2!! This was the fifth time I have seen them and the second time for Meg.

We bought these tickets 2 years ago and it was worth the wait. Last year Bono had to have emergency back surgery and had to postpone the 360 concert until last weekend. And again- WORTH THE WAIT!! U2 is not just a concert- it's indescribable of what kind of show they put on!! There is no other concert experience out there!!

Meg and I went to our first u2 concert 19 years ago. The Zoo TV tour. HANDS DOWN BEST CONCERT EVER!! I loved u2 before that concert- but that took me to another level of being their fan!

Another side note- all these pictures are taken with my cell phone. So they are not exactly the best quality, but its what I got.

Meg and I got to Mile High Stadium and had to pay $30 for parking!! $30 frikin dollars to park!! And that was at the cheaper place. Most places we saw were $40!! We decided we needed to own a parking lot!

We were a tad concerned about the weather. There was a chance for storms and rain- but it never did that. WHEW!!

Here is the stage. It sort of was like a rocket ship looking thing. The guy on the tv screen is the lead singer from The Fray.

I had heard Lenny Kravitz was supposed to open. But I heard wrong- The Fray opened. And I really liked them. I knew more songs than I thought I did. Guess I am a bigger fan of The Fray than I thought I was. So that was cool.

I gave them a thumbs up. Meg thought they were just ok. I LOVE concerts so really unless the band is REALLY HORRIBLE I will like it. But Meg thought they were "eh." She had seen them before, as they are from Denver. She had a good point that the energy to the crowd wasn't there. They just sang to us. And although I really liked them, I wouldn't necessarily pay a large amount of money to see them again. Ya know?

Anyway after the Fray was finished, the stage was set up for U2. And that was when you started to feel the excitement of the crowd!! The cheering, doing the wave, the anticipation- it is so COOL! Something everyone should experience!! I am telling you a U2 concert is more than just a concert! And I don't think it would even matter if you like their music- it's the best show EVER!!

While we were waiting, u2 entertained us. They do that from the very beginning to the very end. The screen started scrolling with facts that were entertaining- things like times of places around the world, the tallest building in Denver: 714 feet, Cell phones sold this year: 739,020,700 (and this number was continuing to increase), Days until the end of oil: 15,538, height of the stage 167 feet, number of births to the crew members this tour: 17, LED pixels in the video screen: 411,782. Stuff like that.

And then they came out onto stage-

and we all go insane- screaming our heads off and jumping all around. The music starts and all 70,000 of us seem to think that we are u2 back up singers and dancers. We are all dancing and singing at the top of our lungs with perma-grins on our faces. IT'S FANTASTIC!! And Bono plays into it. Inviting us to sing along. There was a guy in our row who was even playing air guitar. It was hilarious and wonderful!

Watching the screen was like the best music video you have ever seen! You would see u2 singing or playing their music, along with special effects. It was AWESOME to say they least!! And it gets even better- the screen during the concert would move up and down!

Spreading apart for even BETTER effects!

Hard to tell in the above picture, but that is Bono spread out on the screen so he is as tall as the stage! Have I mentioned AMAZING! yet?!?!

Bono was very thankful that night. He thanked all of us for waiting so long to see them. He also thanked God and the Germans for making his back better than before and even called himself Bono 2.0. However, at the end of the concert he was almost too thankful. Meg and I started to worry that this was almost a farewell. Yikes!! But who knows. Bono is always very thankful at his concerts. That is one of the things that makes them so damn cool!

I could go on and on about how awesome the concert was. I heard all my favorite songs and more. I really think he played a song or two from every album. And like how when he played "you were all talking like it was the end of the world..." the crowd went extra wild- as it was the supposed redemption day. Or how about the fact that Meg and I got to go together again! It was a mini 360 for us as well! :) But I will stop going on and on and on about it. :) It really is the best concert out there. If you get a chance to ever see u2- DO IT! You wont be sorry!

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