Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Perfect Sunday

Today was a really great day. The weather in Omaha was perfect!! I think its going to be one of the last nice days we will have this year. So our family decided to take advantage of it. I started my day off with a nice walk. I really enjoy walking though my neighborhood. The leaves on the trees are changing colors and the mums are in FULL bloom! Its great.

After lunch, Matt and I decided to take the boys to the zoo. It was great. We started the day off with the skyfari. For those of you who don't know what that is, its a ski lift that goes from one end of the zoo to the other.

(Josh Matt Alex)

Matt and I had never been on the skyfari.. The boys had, as our good friends took them while Matt and I were in DC. Matt and the boys were looking forward to their ride. I, on the other hand, was a little nervous. I am not a big fan of heights. The last time I went on a Ferris wheel I wanted to hurl and tried not to go into a complete panic attack while I was at the top! I was pleasantly surprised that the skyfari was no big deal to me. Other than the occasional thought that my kid could slip through the bars- he is a skinny little thing after all- and be eaten by the cheetah or get stomped on by the elephant. But I pushed those thoughts away and had a nice time on the ride. :)

A big reason we went to the zoo was to ride the train. It seems to always be the highlight! They love trains. So we got a little snack of popcorn....


Then hopped aboard the train for a nice ride through the zoo.

As we were wandering around looking at animals, the boys asked if they could go on the carousel. Matt and I thought, why not? We had ridden almost everything else in the zoo. What's one more ride? :) So we hopped on the carousel. Zach rode a rhino, Alex rode a rooster, and Josh chose a horse. Josh was funny as he kept saying "Look at me! I am a cowboy! The horse is trying to buck me off!" Zach was yelling "The tiger is after me!!" -as a tiger was the animal behind him on the ride. And Alex was cock-a-doodle-dooing the whole time. Never a dull moment in the Venn home.

We walked around the zoo some more...
We ended up at the goats...

And the rain forrest...

The boys loved the waterfalls.

We had a really terrific day at the zoo!!

And if the zoo wasn't great enough, we finished the day by sipping down some milkshakes!! Yummy!!

Josh Zach Alex

It was a really perfect Sunday!


  1. Looks like a truly wonderful day. I love the photo of you all on the bridge! Look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

  2. Any day that ends with milkshakes has gotta be good. :-)

  3. I love the zoo, the train was always a huge highlight for us growing up as well.

  4. Oh my!!!!! Wish I could have been part of that fun day...what wonderful memories!!! God is so good! Your boys are so cute...just like Mom and Dad!!!! You are wonderful parents...I KNOW you have minutes of doubt on that and believe me....they will continue...but it looks like you and Matt are a great team!!!!!! You're right...a perfect day for the zoo! And for milkshakes!!!