Thursday, September 24, 2009

I am the Queen!

I may be biased on this, but I think I have pretty creative boys. Sometimes, they spend hours cutting, gluing, stickering, taping, stapling and coloring. We go through so much tape here, its insane!! A couple of weeks ago, Zach turned our kitchen into a paper golf course. He created sand traps, ponds, flags, holes, and of course balls and golf clubs to go with it. It was pretty cool. Alex made his teacher a necklace out of paper. He stapled it together. His teacher was a really good sport and wore it all day at preschool! :) A while ago, Zach made a cordless phone with an antenna and then created the charging base to go with it. Their creativity astounds me! Yesterday, Josh announced that I was the queen! (Smart boy huh ;) ) Then he created a crown for me. It was awesome!! After that he decided that daddy was the prince and made him a crown too. Josh is wise beyond his years!! :)


  1. That's fantastic they're so creative, and that you LET them use all those supplies. I know so many moms who'd get really uptight about having a paper golf course all over their kitchen. Of course, it doesn't surprise me in the least that you don't mind it, Your Majesty. ;-) And hey, I guess I know what to get those boys for their next birthday!

  2. So amazingly HOT I don't know what to say... Matt, not you... nothing personal... ;)