Sunday, September 25, 2011

What A Day!

Bloggers Block.....I HAZ it!

Well, maybe I can write I HAD it. Lately, posts just weren't coming to me. Until today.

Yesterday Alex had another soccer game. He is the first kid in white with blue shorts chasing after the ball.

And luckily it wasn't as cold as the week before!
So we didn't freeze! And were able to cheer Alex on....or practice our dance moves with Grandma. After all it was the day of the big wedding!
Towards the end of the game, Josh and Zach get a little bored and antsy watching Alex. So Larry took them to the nearby playground. And unfortunately, Zach slipped off the monkey bars and landed on his arm/elbow. Poor kid. So after the game Matt and I decided to take Zach to the ER.
He was NOT happy about that. But maybe that had something to do with Alex and Josh telling him that the doctor was going to have to cut his arm off.

Anyhoo- we got to the ER and tried to keep his mind off things. Alex drew him a picture on the dry erase board.
It says:
Zach I heart you Boo Boo and ouch. None of our pictures, or jokes or ipods or anything made Zach happy. What did bring a smile to his face was when the nurse brought a wheelchair for him to ride in to get his x-ray.
Then Zach busted out a big ol grin and said "WOW! Look at my SWEET ride!"

The results of the x-ray- no obvious fractures or breaks. So that is good. At Zach's age the bones have not all fused together yet (which is normal) so there is this pocket of space in the elbow. He jammed that area. The doctor said that that is called some sort of fracture that starts with an S. Of course I can't remember the exact word. The bones need to fuse back into the same spot they were at or his arm may not grow correctly. So Zach has a cast.
The boys were very helpful....
Well, maybe not Josh.....sigh...that kid and his video games!
So we have this cast until we see our pediatrician later this week. Then he will decided if we can take the cast back off or if we need to go to an orthopedic surgeon.

Of course this is the day of Gwen's wedding.
And the boys were a part of it. They got to pass out the programs to everyone and they were SO EXCITED for this job!!
It was really cute how excited they were. For weeks, they would tell anyone and everyone who would listen about their "important" job and have been counting down the days until Gwen and Marty's wedding!
A silly broken/hurt arm wasn't going to stop Zach! They did a wonderful job!

Shortly after this picture I put my camera in my purse and then sort of forgot about it. I guess I had too much fun. The wedding was beautiful , of course! At the end of the wedding my boys were giving everyone they knew (including the wedding party) high fives as they were ushered out. I wanted to die of embarrassment, but everyone else thought it was funny and cute. The reception was a blast! It was at Harrah's and there were about 600-650 people there. The boys and I all got to bust a move, eat cake and hang with loved ones! What more could you ask for in a night?
And in case anyone is wondering- the cut/bruise on Josh's chin is from him jumping off the playground and hitting his head into his knee the day before. Huh...I think we are done with going to the park for awhile!

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